• Image of Mob Killa - What if we Drink Coffee (RARE8)

Release Date: 8th June 2018

JUNO - "Bean grinding business; new Dutch driller Mob Killa makes his debut with a hot cup of joe that's so potent it'll have you hoovering your whole street. "Nation Nation" (so good he named it twice) swaggers with distant mournful horns and swashbuckling drums, "Ghost Sleep" takes us for a romantic walk down the local graveyard on a vehicle made of strange clicks and whirrs while the title track stumbles into view on the B with lilting harp plucks, stirring textures and a refreshing feeling of unease that only super strong coffee can provide. As always with Rarefied, the detail is right down to the very last groove with stunning artwork and weighty vinyl."

- 180g heavyweight vinyl -

Mob Killa - What if we Drink Coffee (RARE8)
a1. Mob Killa - Nation Nation
b1. Mob Killa - Ghost Sleep
b2. Mob Killa - What if we Drink Coffee

Audio - https://soundcloud.com/rarefied_uk/sets/mob-killa-what-if-we-drink-coffee-rare8